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We are committed to developing market leading products with highest strength and purity of formulation for your skin, hair, nails and general wellbeing of your body and mind. Proven time and again to get you to optimum levels in the shortest time frame, we stand behind our range.

HK Maggie
'I have been taking this amazing product for the last 3 months. I was experiencing pain in my knee which can be attributed to early osteoarthritis and even too much weight. I found that after taking this product for two weeks the pain simply disappeared. I have since been taking this on a daily basis.
HK Maggie Warmest Regards
I suffered from gastritis for 3 weeks and was prescribed medication to help relieve the pain. Due to the ineffectiveness of the medication, I decided to take the Marine Collagen to help with my gut. Within 4 days of taking the collagen, I noticed significant results. I no longer felt pain in my stomach. My overall gut health improved and was able to eat regular foods again. I was also surprised by the improvement of my hair and nails which I noticed when I finished the bottle. I have been taking this often and have recommended this to my friends and family.
Thadcha Happy Customer
pasqualina iameo
Great collagen, it’s easy to take, I take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I researched many collagen products before buying this one and felt that this was the best one. The customer service is great and delivery is also quick. I also received a free product with my order and and a hand written thank you card. I’ve only been taking this for a week so I don’t really have much to say about results, however my pain in my ankles have improved, so it’s a start!! Looking forward to more results and I will definitely be ordering this again.
pasqualina iameo Happy Customer
I did some research before ordering any collagen and found out that VitaZam product is one of the best on the market with a great value for money. It tastes so delicious too. I can’t say anything about effect as of now (It’s been 1 week since I started taking it), but I’m expecting to see some improvements shortly. I already feel great and think my skin became very smooth. I reckon every woman after 30 yo must take collagen to maintain their beauty, health, and wellbeing! I recommend my sister and my girlfriends. Also going to order multivitamins soon. Have to say I was really pleased with the delivery and the promotion item included with the purchase. Thanks. Great deal and excellent client service.
Alex Happy Customer
QReza Moaleji
I did an extensive research on which collagen to take. I managed to narrow it down to 3 criteria: 1- Have both type 1 & 3 collagen 2- At least 7000 mg collagen 3- Rich in vitamin C and Bs I came across this brand which was a fraction of the cost of the branded Skinade. It arrived in 2 days, tasted lovely, just one shot a day. Have bought it on a regular basis since. Every time they give me a free supplement of some sort. Highly recommended!
QReza Moaleji Excellent alternative to other branded collagen products
Pleased with prompt delivery . Taste is pleasant slightly sweet .Cannot comment on effectiveness as I have only just received it. I decided to try this liquid collagen to see how it fares against the powdered bovine collagen I have been taking. I have seen an improvement in my nails and I seem to have stopped shedding hair with the bovine collagen but it has been slow and not much difference to my skin. Will see how this one fares and will give an update.
maz-williams Happy Customer
louise hare
Super fast delivery. Well packed, thank you for free sample. Have only been taking this for just over a week but it compares very favourably with more expensive products. My nails have stopped splitting and hair less dry and my skin definitely has a glow. No reduction in facial lines yet but it's early days.
louise hare Happy Customer
Doable flavour that is zingy and fruity. Has grown my hair 2 inches and made it more moisturized, which I was not expecting at all. Has made my energy levels more stabilized. Has made my facial skin look fuller and more glowy. I bought this to stabilize my energy levels and help with my gut health. It has done the job and more. I would totally recommend this product. And will be ordering more before my bottle runs out.
Jo23 Would highly recommend.

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