How To Boost Your Collagen Levels


From countless years, all people wanted was a marine collagen powder supplement that could deliver on its big promises and hype, well people got what they wanted. Today collagen powder supplements are one of the most sought after health supplements around the world. Collagen powder benefits have been proven in extensive clinical trials by health and medical groups all over the globe. The benefits include giving the body apt strength and mobility while maintaining your youthful appearance as well. It’s safe to say that collagen powder is the wave of the future and it is here to stay.

Collagen powder is truly a magnificent piece of science in its ability to travel up and down your bloodstream with ease. That of course means that wherever it may course through, the body will surely benefit from its presence. Contrary to popular belief that only our skin and hair needs collagen supplement, but rest assure it’s much more than just those two. Other body parts such as our nails, teeth, our ligaments, tissues and blood vessels rely on collagen to keep them in proper working condition.

If your collagen levels are up to par, then you have nothing, in particular, to worry about. The lack of collagen, however, is another story altogether. We’ll take a look at how to boost the collagen levels of the body and these are some tips/tricks which are easily doable at the comfort of your home as well. There are invasive measures too, but for now, we’ll turn our attention to more “natural” ways. Here are some ways of enhancing collagen production!

Sleeping is often regarded as an anti-aging treatment, and for good reason. Our body works on repairing damaged tissue and cells when we are sleeping. Our brain simultaneously signals certain growth hormones to be secreted into our bloodstream. These growth hormones facilitate the repair and regenerative action of the body. That is why it is necessary to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night so that we receive a hearty collagen boost.

Consuming protein-rich foods
Protein is the basic unit of what eventually becomes functional keratin. The body regulates normal peptides into functional keratin which helps produce and repair our skin. A regular supply of healthy protein to our body will ensure just that! You can get protein from white meat such as chicken or fish. If you’re a vegetarian then you could do just as well using legumes, nuts, pulses.

Take copper supplements
Copper is a vital mineral for our body, combined with iron it aids with the formation of peptides. Peptides are essential for making collagen and elastin, both of which heavily contribute to our well-being inside out. Natural food sources like green leafy vegetables are handy sources of copper. But if for some reason, you don’t get enough copper in your diet. You could always take supplements, by first consulting a doctor or nutritionist

Increase your intake of Vitamin C
This vitamin is crucial for the consistent performance of the integumentary system. It helps to ensure the creation of collagen in our body is regulated. This also lowers damage to skin cells and tissues because of its antioxidative qualities. And its capacity to neutralize the harmful effects of UV ray exposure from the Sun.

Upgrade your skin moisturizer
Try to find a moisturizer that has Phytessence Wakame and CynergyTK. CynergyTK is an ingredient that is usually extracted via sheep wool. Coincidentally, this ingredient is made up of keratin. Keratin, as stated earlier, can rejuvenate collagen and elastin levels in our skin. Phytessence Wakame, on the other hand, ought to ensure that collagen will last for longer. This sea kelp contains hyaluronic acid, which is the acid that aids collagen protein by providing it moisture!

Use pearl powder
Pearl powder has various kinds of keratin in it. When applied topically, it can increase the regeneration of elastin and collagen. Ancient Chinese women used to consume pearl powder to sustain their youthful looks. The Chinese women used to drink a concoction made from crushed pearls and water!

Sleep on a satin pillow
Many health experts have stated that to maintain your young appearance, use a satin pillow to sleep on. Pure satin contains trace amounts of copper which boost collagen, keratin production on the skin.
Here were some ways to naturally boost collagen, but if you’re still not convinced by the methods discussed, you could always opt for the best collagen powder!

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