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Helpful information relating to VitaZam’s quality standards & return/refund policies

Quality Assurance

Our products are premium quality, the highest available strengths and best formulas for absorption.

All our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards and our manufacturing facilities operate a comprehensive quality management system. Our production facilities manufacture to the principles and guidelines of the NSF GMP standards and are certified by Informed Sport. Our manufacturing facilities meet or exceed all Health Authority requirements and all EU/EFSA requirements.The facilities meet all requirements for Article 4 (EG) 852/2004 Good Hygiene Praxis. Also HACCP Analysis and critical control point monitoring program is integrated. Our manufacturing facilities are all certified for Halal by The Halal Trust and HMC.

Our manufacturing facility is regularly tested for WADA banned substances to reduce the risk of contamination in our products. We take a holistic approach to our operations in order to remain a market leader in a rapidly developing industry. This gives our customers complete confidence in knowing that we will deliver the highest quality products.

We do not use artificial preservatives, colourings, sweeteners or flavors in our products. We are advocates of all natural products and source all of our ingredients from natural sources whenever possible.


The production of Halal formulations.

We have many checks and processes in place to ensure exactitude of Halal products. Our high standards of Halal are reinforced by the repeated number of checks in place from the slaughterhouse to the outlets. This is done via rigorous inspections, labelling, and assurance rules for food which are regularly monitored by different Halal certifiers around the world. By choosing Meat & Fish which has been through a clear system and verified at each point of the supply chain, all Muslims can be sure that VitaZam food supplements are truly Halal.

Our formulations have been established by vast scientific evidence to be safe with proven health benefits. Our Halal Certification (Click here to view) ensures that our products do not contain pork or alcohol based ingredients and also that all the ingredients used in our products are Halal certified e.g. fish and Bovine.


At VitaZam we are very proud of the consistent premium quality of all our products.

VitaZam partner with companies worldwide to deliver our products internationally. If you would like to join our partner community please contact us.


We (Vitazam) aim to respond to all formal written complaints within 5 working days of receiving them. To make a formal complaint please write to Complaints, Vitazam Ltd, Harlow Enterprise Hub, Edinburgh Way, CM20 2NQ, or email

If you are requested to return goods by VitaZam, to allow investigation to occur we ask you follow the returns procedure above.

Returns & Refunds

We want to make ordering on the Internet as easy and stress free as possible. If you order a product that you subsequently decide you do not wish to purchase, for whatever reason, then simply let us know within 14 days of delivery and return our product subsequently in next 14 days of delivery and we will be pleased to refund the cost of the goods.

To return your goods, please use this address:
Returns Department
VitaZam Ltd
Harlow Enterprise Hub
Edinburgh Way
CM20 2NQ

If you have paid by Debit or Credit Card, we will contact you to arrange reimbursement as we will require your card details to issue your refund.

If you have paid by Debit or Credit Card, we will contact you to arrange reimbursement as we will require your card details to issue your refund

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