Are Natural Skin Care Products Really Natural?

Let’s face it natural skincare products might contain all-natural ingredients, but they might not. Even some naturally occurring ingredients are not particularly safe. About 25% of all cosmetic users have an allergic or other adverse reaction, at some point. The only solution is to test everything that you use on a small area, first, or to learn which ingredients are non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-toxic.
Ingredients to look for:


For many years, lanolin was often recommended, because it does not cause allergic reactions. It is a kind of fat squeezed out of sheep’s wool. Sheep’s wool also contains keratin, similar almost to our skins’ keratin. This is a vital protein that helps our skin maintain its structure.
Natural skincare products that contain this “functional” keratin have been shown to increase the production of new cells and fibres, while moisturizing, firming, reducing inflammation and acting as an antioxidant. It provides all of the anti-ageing benefits that anyone could want.
Typically, anti-ageing creams mostly contain animal collagens. Those proteins often cause prolonged redness. They cannot be used by the skin’s cells for several reasons. First, the chain of amino acids is too long. Second, the processes used to soften it, render the proteins inactive. That is also true of most hydrolysed keratins.

Hyaluronic Acid

Another ingredient that you will often see is hyaluronic acid. In human skin, hyaluronic acid is composed of glucose and amino acids. It is a gooey substance that helps to bind the skin’s fibres together. Older people have lower levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. The result is dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as sagging all over the face.


But the creams containing hyaluronic acid usually don’t prove to be a difference-maker. Why is that so? There’s a specific enzyme that obliterates the goo.
An extract from wakame kelp has been shown to inhibit the enzymatic activity by 52% after five days of use. Wakame is one of the most healthy varieties of kelp. It contains many of the B vitamins, as well as A and C. It is also rich in calcium, potassium and sodium, minerals that are necessary to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Importance of Antioxidants

So, now you know to ingredients to look for when you shop for natural skin care products; functional keratin and wakame kelp. What else is important? How about some antioxidants?
Natural skincare products should contain coenzyme Q10 because it is quickly depleted when the skin’s cells are exposed to UV rays from the sun. When antioxidant levels become depleted, free radical molecules begin to damage the cellular membrane, the collagen fibers, and the cell’s DNA. All of this damage is responsible for wrinkling and sagging. It can also lead to skin cancer.
Now that you know this just be sure to carefully read the labels, be sure to pick the products which suit your skin and are free of chemicals that harm your skin. As should be the case that natural skin care products should be free of artificial preservatives and added fragrances. If they’re not, don’t risk it.
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