About us

Our story

VitaZam is a UK-based company that offers premium quality, locally-sourced vitamins, minerals and supplements for all ages.

Our vision aligns to our customers requirements for the best quality products. We source as locally as possible to ensure that quality processes adhere to stringent UK and European laws. The halal certification means that we have additional quality assurances, as well as providing peace of mind to the muslim community.

Our Purpose

With so many vitamin and mineral brands in the market place and so much conflicting information on the best sources and strengths of products, we go out of our way to only provide the highest quality products.

Our customers can be assured that the quality and strength of our products is the best available in the market, and that they will be getting maximum benefits from the range. We not only provide the assurance of the highest quality, but that our customer information includes as much background and data on why these products are the best.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a premium quality vitamin and mineral provider, sourcing all our products as local to the UK as possible, never from outside Europe, whilst maintaining halal certification on our entire range.

We offer excellence in:

  • Quality products, formulated for maximum absorption and strength
  • Internationally benchmarked Quality and Regulatory Systems whilst remaining local
  • Customer relationship through outstanding products and services and listening to their feedback